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Does your Child Speak to Spirit?


If you are reading my blog right now you probably have a child or a grandchild who has indicated they see, hear and communicate with Spirit. Many children astound and startle their parents with information they couldn’t possible know… Such as their deceased loved ones name, what they look like and other incidences & occurrences that absolutely has not been discussed around them at some stage and happened before they were even born. They have this profound knowledge beyond their time.

They may speak of “Imaginary friends” who come and play with them, however this imaginary friend seems to stick around for a while and your child knows their name, whether they are another small child or grown Spirit and other peculiar details, so detailed that it has you wondering if they do have a special connection to what most adults are blind to.

Unfortunately it is not always giggles, smiles and roses. Some children are afraid of what they see and sadly many parents assume because their child is afraid or even terrified, there must be something around them closely resembling something from the latest horridly, haunted, Hollywood blockbuster. So many parents have to be careful of overreacting and creating something to be worse than it is. If your child senses you are afraid of them being afraid, it will only exacerbate the issue.

I remember reading somewhere someone tied the cupboard doors shut as their daughter saw Spirit there and was afraid. As well intentioned as that was, they were subconsciously telling their child “Yes there’s something there and it must be bad or evil because I’m preventing it from coming out” and then that just conditions the child to be afraid of closed spaces and what could be in there as well as conditioning them to be afraid of Spirit and their connection, not to mention they will never sleep or play in that room again.

And to be honest, this is why many adults who can sense Spirit around them too, shut their connection down and refuse to explore their sixth sense when 99.9% of the time, it’s just a loved one checking in, Spirit Guides saying hello or a friendly rogue Spirit, simply passing through on their way. Don’t be afraid to say hello and thank you for visiting! After all when we acknowledge our loved ones presence they surely give more signs.

So why do babies and small children connect with Spirit so clearly?

The answer is where we come from and where we return is exactly the same place. We simply ARE spirit, however in life we have a physical vessel that carries us around. We simply lose our ship, that is all. Your loved ones meet your baby before they are born as your baby is a soul about to be conceived by you. As they are born, they still have that strong Spirit connection. Babies laugh and giggle and stare off in to corners of the room because they remember familiar faces that they met before coming in to the physical world. Many people who take family photographs report their little one staring off in to a distance with their eyes gazing upon what appears to be a big, beautiful magnificent orb which can be Spirit energy caught on camera. Some people believe in orbs, others don’t – that’s a debate for another thread.

So why do some children lose their connection?

As children grow older they are often discouraged from having “imaginary friends”, that their imagination is in overdrive, some parents discredit and discourage the connection and it slowly becomes severed. Sometimes because of religious beliefs, their child is forbidden to speak of Spirit visits. They then go to school and play time is over, they are structured in to an education system. Then they are consumed by physical things such as play-stations and action figures. Then they get older and their mind is omnipresent and directed towards consumerism such as the latest trends, interested in pursuing relationships, sports. They grow older again and try to “keep up with the Joneses” by making sure they make enough abundance, the latest car, mobile, home. Before we know it, we have become completely unnatural and disconnected to what was once was.

How can you nurture your child’s connection? How can you help them to feel unafraid?

The answer to this is multifaceted and quite complex as it will be different for each child. However I will address the most common and successful suggestions. Explain the Spirit world to your children and how they are surrounded by very loving-beings who have unconditional love for them. That they are watched over and protected by our loved ones from “heaven” – That they only wish to say hello. Children are afraid of what they don’t understand sometimes so be positive, uplifting and answer their questions with love and certainty in your voice. If you behave in a manner where you truly believe Spirit is a big part of your life and model that it isn’t a big deal, they will surely begin to believe you.

Keep in mind as their parent or guardian you have the right to ask on your children’s behalf that the Spirit/s please not visit and leave as they are currently frightening your child. Thank them for their time and send them on. Keep in mind if you want the visits to come back or direct them to you only, to be perfectly clear on your expectations. You could try to make your child feel in control by perhaps giving them a very special crystal they can hold and if they get afraid they can hold their crystal that might give them “special brave powers” or they can ask the Spirit to leave themselves until they are brave enough to experience the encounter.

*Please note some crystals shouldn’t be placed in a room and can contribute to insomnia & over activity. Some perfectly safe ones to use would be:

Rose quartz: Love, purity, harmony.

Aventurine: Which can help your child become fearless.

Amethyst: Transmutes most negative energies and is often used to help children overcome sadness or fear. It also helps to stop nightmares and better sleeping patterns.

Chrysoprase: is good for stopping nightmares.

Golden Calcite: Helps children with self-esteem

Clear Quartz: Aids a child in conquering disharmonious thought patterns.

Hematite: Amplifies protection and encourages strength and courage.

Raise the vibrational energy in your little one’s room by perhaps singing, dancing and having a few giggles. Give them a cuddle and read them a story. They need to feel that their room is a safe environment, the high level energy will take away any fear or negative energy that exists and over-write it (start fresh). Do this on a regular occurrence to keep the energy light.

As children become older and wish to explore their ability, allow them to read books and research what they are interested in. Tell them to be critical of everything they read and only take the parts that resonate with them and discard of the rest. They may like to join a Spiritual Circle or Psychic Development class locally (Keep in mind they may like to trial a few until they find where they feel most comfortable). Allow them to go to Psychic fairs and Spiritual festivals and celebration. A Psychic might come and speak to them if they are over the age of 16 with parental consent to help them cope emotionally and provide them with useful tools to nurture what they have and to be in control of it also.

Spirit Connection is a beautiful thing and our children are so very blessed and in-tune. Do try to listen carefully but objectively and be supportive but also not to the point where your child becomes consumed with it. Also if a child does have a special connection with your loved one in Spirit, never hound them for information. Try not to be too excited or your child may wish to bring their ability up all the time to impress you or simply begin to make things up. Keep them grounded and neutral. That they need to be selective with who they speak to about it, for example in the classroom is not the right place. Remind your child that they are in control and if they want to, they can block it until they’re ready to deal with it, for children who might be afraid, this can be incredibly empowering! And lastly, don’t force your child to explore their ability further if they don’t want to. They don’t HAVE to use it if they choose not to.

© Melissa Gibson

10 Signs that your loved ones in Spirit are with you

1img. Feeling their presence around you.

Whether during the day or at night time and feel someone standing next to your bed in the early hours of the morning. When we sleep our brain waves reverse and thus it becomes easier to sense Spirit around us when we suddenly wake up. They receive the signal that we can sense them and they get rather excited by that and pop in to say hi. So if you’ve ever wondered why you feel someone standing next to your bed in the early am hours of the morning, it’s your loved one popping in to say hi. If this makes you afraid or scares you, you’re more than welcome to ask them to stop. Some people are extremely lucky and actually see their loved one in Spirit as if they were really standing right in front of them. Or a dark figure dark across the room in the corner of their eye.

2. You dream about them.

Dreaming of loved ones after they have died is very common. It is a very special way to stay connected. Some people believe that when we fall asleep, our souls are able to reunite with one another once more for a moment in time. You may physically see your loved one, hear them talking to you or a bit of both within your dreams. They also work with you on a subconscious level to help you with life’s ups and downs. Some people don’t know or forget about the last method but it’s actually the most common visit that we receive. It means you will not remember the dream or not see or hear them at all in your dream but wake up like you feel you have had a deep healing, awakening performed.

I encourage those who would like to have a visit from their loved one through dream-state to ask their loved one a question or to come in as you are drifting off to sleep. Please understand sometimes it can take a while so don’t put a time-limit on it. Feel free to keep a dream journal so when you wake up you can record everything and remember it and perhaps decipher most of it. If your spirited loved one ever comes through in a dream and gives you a warning, please pay special attention to the message.

3. They play with electricity.

What is Spirit? Well Spirit is a form of energy. And what is electricity? Bingo it’s also a source of energy and so it is rather easy for Spirit to manipulate the frequency and turn things on and off and even sometimes make electrical items blow up such as light bulbs. Some common things I hear about in my readings are computers, tvs, radios, lights that have turned themselves on and off by themselves or restarted on their own. I remember once waking up in the middle of the night when my bedroom TV turned on suddenly and then the volume starting turning itself all the way up. Nobody was touching the remote and it is an experience that had to be a visit from a loved one.

4. Feeling their energy touch you.

Many people have talked about feeling their loved one in Spirit around them and actually feeling like they have been physically touched. Examples are stroking of the hair, touching body parts such as hand, face, back, arms, and legs. You may feel like you are being embraced in a loving hug or a bit of a tingle on the face that can feel like a goodnight kiss. I always know when my Nanna Elsie in Spirit is with me as I can feel like someone’s hand has been placed firmly on my left shoulder blade. It feels like a heat pack on my back.

5. Hearing their voice again.

You may hear someone calling your name and turn around and nobody is there. Or you may hear a voice through clairaudience which is your own inner voice, the voice you hear when thinking to yourself and other internal dialogue within your mind. You may hear words, names and sometimes even random things that don’t seem to make sense at the time and then suddenly they make sense later. The most common thing people hear is music, either music playing when there is nothing around to play music or a certain song playing in their mind. If this happens repeatedly then pay special attention to the lyrics or if it is a special song that meant something very special between you and your loved one in Spirit. Sometimes I hear footsteps going up and down my stairs but there is nobody there, knocking on walls etc

6. Phone calls.

Because electricity is passed back and forth between two people on a phone, sometimes a loved one in Spirit will manipulate the phone lines and you may hear what sounds like static over the phone (obviously first check the reception) or also what sounds like a high pitched whispering. Some people have reported the phone calling with nobody on the other side or picking the phone up and hearing the aforementioned.

7. Symbolic Messages, numbers & Items!

Special symbols between yourself and your loved one will become apparent. For example Butterflies, Dragonflies, Lady Bugs fluttering around you in excitement to say hello. Our loved ones are able to merge their energy with any living object. Rainbows might be special, four leaf clovers, coins, feathers, shiny stones, crystals etc. Anything can be a Symbolic message or item so long as it is something very special between you both. For example my Nanna Elsie always gifted purses or hand bags with a coin inside for abundance so when I find small coins in the strangest of places I know they are a sign. Keep an eye out especially for Synchronicity which is mean things happen in 3’s or more. Special numbers may appear that relate to your loved one such as birth date, wedding anniversary date, passing date etc. These numbers and random letters can even be on number plates. Imagine if you had a mother in spirit named Barbara who died when she was 77 and then found a car over taking you with the number-plate “BARB77”

8. Moving items around your home.

Do objects move around your house? Does a special photograph keep falling off the wall or the shelf? Do books constantly fall at your feet? Some people have even said an item has been missing from the bench, only to check there a little bit later to find it in the same place it was when you put it there. Some items go mysteriously missing and you never find them again, or even more special when they turn up on special dates such as your loved ones birthday or wedding anniversary, date of their passing. Clocks may fall off the wall or suddenly stop working.

9. Smell / Clairalience

Do you smell cigarette smoke? Alcohol? Perhaps your loved ones favourite after shave, deodorant, signature scent or perfume? Suddenly out of nowhere this fragrance will just manifest itself. It is a big sign that your loved one in Spirit is with you. This goes further and goes on to things they may have baked in the kitchen such as fresh bread, cakes, and apple pies. Some of our loved ones just have a specific scent that we can identify them from, like the scent of their clothes. Sometimes they are extra cheeky and you could be smelling their smelly work boots and socks!

10. Temperature Changes

sometimes when a loved one comes to visit us, suddenly we may feel very cold and get Goosebumps all over our arms or our whole body. To me, Goosebumps are clarification that I am connecting to Spirit. Your hands or feet may suddenly go Icy cold. You may feel that you need an extra blanket. And this could be on a hot day or night! Sometimes the opposite occurs. We may suddenly sweat, or feel hot or over-heated.

So there you have it! 10 amazing signs that our loved ones in Spirit will always try to communicate to us. As time goes by the signs become less and less otherwise we constantly go searching for them and asking for messages and we forget to continue living our lives and making our own choices and decisions without their help. It is hard to feel loved ones when we are greatly stressed, depressed, busy or deep in grief. All of these emotions are of a low vibration and Spirit is a high vibrational frequency. Which means many people going through the above do not feel their loved ones with them and may start freaking out. Please don’t. Calm down, take some deep breaths, do what you can to make the situation better and more manageable. Then relax, let it all go. Once relaxed raise your vibration by doing something that you love and enjoy and your vibrational frequency will be at a much higher and easier level to receive the signs and feel their presence.

Melissa Gibson